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When you receive private instruction at Chucks Gym, you will learn the correct mechanics of the swing along with the correct mental approach. They go hand in hand and both must be practiced to be consistent, and to realize your full potential. The same is true for pitching. Learning to move the body correctly, with rhythm and balance and under control is the mainstay of Coach Chucks instruction in hitting, pitching and fielding a baseball. Without these crucial elements being mastered, knowing the mechanics will be just that: knowing. - Knowing is not enough. We must apply.

When working with Coach Schumacher, you will learn to have the discipline to repeat the correct mechanics when taking batting and pitching practice. This will help you to prepare yourself mentally for an at bat or when taking the mound in game situations.




Private Hitting & Pitching Lesson options

Plan A -- One on one lesson - single session

Plan B -- One on one lesson     
                6 lesson package $270 ($45 per lesson)
                To be completed in 7 weeks or less

Plan C -- One on one lesson
              10 lesson package  $395 {$39.50 per lesson}
              To be completed in 11 weeks or less












Isshinryu  Karate

 Self Defense
 Self Discipline
 Self Control
 Self Confidence
 Self Esteem

All karate lessons are semi-private. Please call for details. 615-406-5269


Martial arts practice is a full body workout, using both sides of the body equally. It is one of the best ways for a person to increase their athleticism.  By practicing traditional Isshinryu karate techniques, katas (forms) and Kumite (sparring) on a regular basis, a person can change the very defenition of how they move their body, with rhythm, balance and timing.  For centuries, martial artists have been training not only their bodies, but their minds to to be able to deal with stressful, sometimes dangerous situations. A modern apllication is in business or kids being bullied at school. Through training, confidence is gained and other people become aware of it in you; they sense it. And if needed, the correct physical response will be there for you to defend yourself if necessary.

An added benefit of martial arts training is its application to traditional sports such as baseball. Not in the way of self defence, but in the way the body has been trained to move in the most efficiect way, with rhythm and balance. This rhythm and balance, when applied to the baseball swing or pitching mechanics, will increase power and velocity. Athletes in all sports can benefit from martial arts training.


Chucks Gym Boxing Circuit

 Chucks Gym Boxing Circuit training is a great way for anyone to get in shape. No experience is required to begin. You will learn as you go and at your own pace, gradually working toward your goal of becoming fit and staying fit for a healthier life. You will train as proffesional boxers train using medicine balls, plyometrics, dynamic stretching, speed bag, double-end bag, heavy bag & punch mitt training with wrapped hands for protection and gloves on. It's a fun and challenging workout that seems to go by very quickly as you condition your entire body.
For athletes in all sports, this is one of the best off-season training routines there is.

Watch the video below to see six baseball players making themselves stronger, looser and more explosive through Boxing Circuit Training at Chucks Gym.















                         Boxing Circuit 

 Cost - 120.00 - Six classes (3 week session, 2x/wk)

               Group classes of four participants

  For more info: 615-406-5269