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     Self Control  Self Confidence 


Instructor  Chuck Schumacher      615-406-5269        Franklin Tennessee  


  Nintai Fitness Club

Chuck Schumacher - NASM CPT, CES
Certified Personal Trainer

Circuit training is a great way to lose weight, build and tone muscle and get a cardio workout without getting bored. We do small groups of six participants with motivating music to help keep everyone energized.

An experienced instructor will guide you through the workout insuring that posture is correct and will progress or regress your workout as needed to reduce the chance of injury and allow the body to adapt to higher levels of exercise. No experience is necessary.


                 Mornings -   8:00 & 9:30 am  
Evenings -   7:00 pm

                    All sessions are one hour          
            Sessions are 4 weeks - 120.00
          Two times per week

       15.00 per class