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"Get the Most Out of Your Ability"

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Yakyu-do - "The way of baseball"

Nintai Baseball Club
The Japanese word Nintai, translates as "patience, perseverance, endurance."

The Nintai Baseball Club is a system of training which will change ones way of thinking about developing skill and reaching goals. It is a balanced mixture of the martial arts way of respect and discipline, and the western way of conditioning with proper rest.

Leading to mastery, a student proceeds through three earlier distinct stages: gi, the stage of aquiring technique; jutsu, skill; and gei, the stage of art. Being a lifelong martial artist, Chuck Schumacher treats baseball much the same as a martial art. Whether a student wishes to play merely for recreational fun, or has goals of playing in college or the pros, playing baseball -- like martial arts, has a lot to offer in the way of life lessons and the development of athleticism.

Baseball is a very difficult sport to master and to play at a high level, one must travel through the stages of gi, jutsu and gei. These Japanese terms basically are saying that a person must master the basics before attemping the advanced, one step at a time. By changing todays instant results way of thinking to a patience, perseverence and endurance way of training (Nintai), a student will see  real, sustainable  results and in time, the movements will become normal -- like walking.

Training in the Nintai Baseball Club is available year-round for those who desire to change the dynamic in their baseball experience. It is designed for young baseball players who have the required enthusiasm and interest level to put forth the consistent effort needed to achieve excellence and to get the most out of their ability. 

The private instruction cover all aspects of developing the physical mechanics for hitting, pitching, fielding, catching, throwing, and the correct mental approach that makes it all happen during competition. "Knowing is not enough, we must apply" -- Bruce Lee. When developing skill, there is no substitution for correct repetitions; lots of correct repetitions. This is done at practice, not in games. - "Not taking the shortcut, is the shortcut" - Quote from the book, How to Play Baseball: A Parent"s Role in Their Child"s Journey.

Physical conditioning is a crucial part of the process. The benefits of developing the discipline to do this at an early age are enormous. By the time kids get to high school, if they have not developed discipline in this area, they will not be "getting the most out of their ability." Fitness training is offered at Chucks Gym for those wishing to supplement their baseball lessons with a full body workout using boxing, martial arts and strength and endurance training to increase their fighting spirit and to reach, and surpass their physical limits.

For more information about the Nintai Baseball Club, please email or call Coach Schumacher at:   615-406-5269


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           Instructor: Chuck Schumacher       615-406-5269        Franklin Tennessee