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                                 Instructor Chuck Schumacher             615-406-5269                   Franklin Tennessee


Mental Coaching
To play at a competitive level, it will be necessary to learn the mental aspects of the game to achieve your full potential. To learn them you must practice them much like you learn the mechanics. Your athletic ability will allow you to make some great plays or get a hit, but to do it consistently, you must have mental discipline.

Chuck Schumacher's approach to teaching hitting is based on his lifelong experience in martial arts. The positive philosophy of strengthening the mind and body through self discipline, fitness, and awareness also apply to the baseball  or softball player trying to achieve his or her full potential. By adopting these principles, you will learn to react instead of thinking once you get in the batters box.

When your body, feet, and hands act without your doing anything in your mind, you make no misses, ten times out of ten. - Basically, this is impossible to do every time because of distractions that compete for our attention and the limited amout of time to react to a pitched baseball; 0.40 seconds for a 90 mph major league fastball. Due to a closer distance from pitcher to batter, it's similar for an eleven-year-old. But with practice and in time, by making an effort towards this goal, it is possible to help yourself maintain at least a .300 batting average, failing seven times out of ten, which is considered normal. Actually, above average.

Thinking is too slow, but it is what many players do because they haven't learned to react in a normal mind; a mind free of conscious thought. When the mind gets too involved during the hitting process, it will negatively affect the outcome. The mind must be still & not become too aggressive. An over-aggressive mind leads to overswinging & mechanics break down. A player must learn to be aggressive, under control.
 Learning to react in a normal mind (like riding a bike; you just get on, and go) is something that must be practiced in order to be effective in a game situation. Training is the key; there are no shortcuts to mastery. A positive approach to everything is practiced at Chuck's Gym.