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When I think of Johnny Atkinson as a martial artist, I think of someone who was the real deal. A skillful master of technique, wisdom and a top competitor. And, I remember being so impresseed and influenced by his sincere and caring nature in teaching. When I think of Johnny as a person, I think of a really great guy, fun and full of life and a true Dodger fan. A real friend.

Johnny was highly regarded by his fellow martial artists and has had a major impact on my martial arts journey to this day. His teaching will be with me and help me to grow forever.


Click on the link below to read the article, Who is Johnny Atkinson first published in Fighting Stars magazine in 1982

"Who is Johnny Atkinson?" - Fighting Stars Magazine article




John Atkinson (1951-1999)


Johnny promoted to 1st degree black belt - Sensei Ozmans first Shodan


Bob Ozman & Tatsuo Shimabuku - Early 60,s


Bob Ozman - Dan Lipe - Kichiro Shimabuku