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Instructor Chuck Schumacher  615-406-5269         Franklin Tennessee 


 Is Your Young Athlete’s Progress Being Stunted Because They Don’t Understand The Mental Component of Baseball?

After 20+ years of coaching baseball I’m convinced that a strong understanding of the mental side of the game is necessary to compete at a high level.
The mental side of baseball gets talked about a lot but, many coaches don’t know how to teach it because their coaches didn’t teach it to them. The “win at all costs” attitude that most coaches learned from their coach is actually harmful to the development of mental toughness.

With the increasing emphasis on results instead of effort, many young players have too much pressure put on them to win and begin to lose self-confidence as a result.

Without a large dose of confidence, players will not reach their full potential as a ballplayer or anything else. Life is sure to throw some curve balls in the path of your young athlete. Striking out is a normal part of the learning process.

Learning how to “lose with dignity” and “win with humility” is the key to success on the ball field.

Arguing with umps, reacting negatively when you strike out or even celebrating too much after a home run: these are all things that hurt your athlete’s mental game. Great hitters fail 7 out of 10 times but they don’t let it affect them. Instead of focusing on the frustration of past failure, they focus on something they have control over – the next “at bat”

Martial arts philosophy is well suited to teach life lessons

Self discipline, honesty, integrity & respect are part of the whole learning process in martial arts. It should be no different in traditional youth sports. If winning games with kids is the only goal, a huge opportunity will be missed to teach kids many truths about life. Playing sports can be a great way to learn these truths and once you learn them, they're yours to use whenever or wherever you need them. Adults are the ones who can instill these life lessons in young athletes.

Read what umps, coaches and players have to say about Chuck Schumacher’s unique coaching style.


“In two years Chuck has transformed the entire ball diamond, program, and most importantly the team into a respectful team…a serious team to be dealt with.”
-Nick Neibauer, Umpire in Crookston, MN

“Chuck stresses the fact that baseball is supposed to be fun and the result is improvement with each game.”

-Jack Hand, Dir. of Mid-State Amateur Baseball Assn.

“Chuck constantly tries to stress the positive aspects of the team’s performance. One of his unique strengths is his ability to get players to learn from their mistakes while not belittling them in front of their peers.”
 -Russ Phillips, Coach in Thompsons Station, TN

“You are the best coach I have ever had. I want to thank you for making me a better player and a better person."

- Josh Morgan, Baseball Player in Crookston, MN