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Instructor Chuck Schumacher             615-406-5269                   Franklin Tennessee


About Chuck Schumacher

Coach & Sensei Chuck Schumacher grew up in Northern Minnesota and moved to Los Angeles in the mid-70's.  Chucks initial training in the martial arts was in the discipline of Kung  Fu in 1973. His teacher at that time was Phillip Rivers, a native of New Zealand.   It was after moving to Los Angeles in 1977 that he met and was taught by Master Bob Ozman in the Isshinryu system of Karate and Sensei Ozmans own unique system of  Ozmanryu.

Two of Sensei Ozmans top students, Johnny Atkinson and Kenn Firestone  have also played a significant role in Chucks development over the years. From these great instructors, Chuck was taught the values and techniques of the martial arts without compromise, earning the degree of black belt in 1986.  

Chuck Schumacher now lives and teaches in Franklin, TN. After moving there in 1990 he decided to follow his childhood love of baseball and started coaching when his son started playing at the age of 6. This eventually lead to teaching the art of hitting.

 As each year passed, it became more apparent how important the mental part of the game was to achieving full potential. During his 20 years as a youth baseball coach, Coach Chuck began using his martial arts training to teach baseball players the value of self control. Using proper focusing techniques such as breathing and keeping a still mind, free from thought, students and players began developing to their full potential.

It also became apparent what an important role parents and coaches played in helping young athletes develop in the areas of attitude, effort, self control and respect. If the adults failed in these crucial areas, so did the kids. This truth has lead Chuck Schumacher to the writing of the book, How to Play Baseball: A Parent's Role in Their Child's Journey, released in July of 2014, and available on

 The book documents Chucks long journey through youth baseball, the lessons learned through self examination as a youth coach and parent, and advice, anecdotes and truths about our role as adults in the lives of young athletes.

By combining the philosophy of strengthening the mind through self-discipline, fitness, and awareness with the great challenge of becoming a successful hitter or earning the degree of black belt, many students at Chucks Gym are realizing their full potential as a ballplayer, Karateka, and most importantly, a person.



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