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     Self Control  Self Confidence 


Instructor  Chuck Schumacher      615-406-5269        Franklin Tennessee  

About School
Chuck's Gym, conveniently located in a serene country setting near
Franklin Tennessee, is a unique training facility providing quality instruction in baseball and martial arts. Our goal is to help students reach their full potential not only in baseball or karate, but in life.

Whether you are a baseball student, karate student, or both, we believe that learning the correct physical movements necessary for success are only part of the equation. We understand the importance of strong values, self esteem, and social skills.

 Our students become physically fit while learning the proper mechanics, along with confidence, courtesy, discipline, and respect. The end result is the ability to control themselves both physically and mentally.

 With a strong background in martial arts and coaching baseball, head instructor Chuck Schumacher has also put  great value on learning  the skill of teaching, and is dedicated to the progress and growth of his students.